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Matterport scans and the creation of 3D virtual tours

Matterport is a piece of state of the art technology that makes it possible to produce 3D scans of various properties. Within the building industry, the scans can be incredibly valuable. The reason for this is that they make it is possible to produce an interactive environment of the interior and exterior of a property. The measurements it takes using a 4K camera are highly accurate. In addition, it is able to create schematic floor plans of any space. The end result is a model that can be used for things like 3D virtual tours.

Matterport scans and their usefulness

MatterportEssentially, the software allows for the smart viewing of a property. This means that you get the chance to view it in a way that you would only otherwise be able to do from visiting in person. Then, people can walk through the whole place without ever having to be there.

With this technology, there aren’t any limits on where you can go in a property. As a result people get the chance to see everything. The other benefits of Matterport are thanks to the fact that it has artificial intelligence. This automates manual tasks such as blurring faces, creating short video clips, picking the best photos, and more.

Work with the best when you want 3D virtual tours

It does not take long at all to get scans of a property using Matterport. It typically takes around 40-60 minutes, depending on size. Then, a specialist like us can produce a virtual tour for you. A single scan captures a 3D model of your property. This provides you with 2D floorplans, a 3D walk-through model, Autocad drawings, HD photos, and an OBJ file.

There are many reasons someone might wish to create 3D virtual tours of properties. You can show off your space to anyone willing to take a peek. The interactive element is also much more appealing than a guided video taking someone through a property. With a model people can see sensitive areas without actually having to go into them. The modelling is also useful if you are thinking about making any changes to the layout or property.

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